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Looking for reading suggestions about Personal Finance? Learn about what I’m reading—and what I took away from it—below (and check back as I will keep adding reviews!).

Smart Women Love Money by Alice Finn

Focused on investing for growth, Alice Finn’s Smart Women Love Money is organized around five fundamental rules: invest in stocks for the long run; allocate your assets; implement using index funds; rebalance regularly; and keep fees low.

The advice is sound even though the writing could be a little more crisp.  Also, although terms are defined throughout, the discussion might be challenging for someone completely new to investing.

Read my full review here.

Worth It by Amanda Steinberg

Looking for books about managing your money? Check out my review of Worth It!I really liked this book but not as a guide to the nuts and bolts of financing.  Instead, I liked it because of its focus on reminding women of their power over money—how it comes into our lives, how it flows out of our lives, and everything in between.

I am convinced that I didn’t take control of my money because I was all of the sudden better at math.  I took control because something woke me up to the fact that I could be in control and that with a little bit of focus could do a damn good job of it.  Amanda describes this as coming out of your money coma.

Read my full review here.

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