Career Success Resources

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This resource page lists some of the services, products, and companies I personally use or have used and believe are valuable.  If you have any questions about any of them, send me a message through my contact form.


I created my LinkedIn profile over a decade ago and find the LinkedIn platform useful for staying connected with business colleagues who I don’t want to lose touch with but don’t know well enough to friend on Facebook.  It’s also good for searching for jobs and researching employers.

I know some people dislike it when complete strangers reach out to them to connect in a spammy way but LinkedIn has an ignore feature that allows you to dispose of those requests quickly.  All in all, I think the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives to being active on the site.

Podcast Favorites

  • BizChix: This fun podcast that provides great advice for small business owners on topics such as scaling your business, getting paid, and hiring a team.
  • The Side Hustle Show: There is no end to how people can make money—at least, that is what it seems like after listening to many, many episodes of this podcasts about side hustles you can start today!

Professional Organizations

Do not underestimate the power of local professional organizations to help you grow your career.  They offer networking opportunities, of course, but that isn’t their only benefit.  The people you meet can help you troubleshoot problems you are having, connect you with quality service providers, and even give you access to low-cost continuing education.

Don’t know of a group in your area specific to your profession?  Then maybe search for a skills-based groups like Toastmasters (or start your own group!).

The Muse

I first learned about The Muse after listening to a podcast interview with the site’s founders, Alex Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew.  While the focus is probably more on millennials, the information on the site is vast and could benefit anyone needing career advice.