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My name is Jenny and I am on a mission to help women—especially other single women like me—who want more out of life: better finances, improved health, or maybe a kick-ass career (or all three!).  I do this by providing inspiration and direction, sprinkling in just enough humor as I go along to keep things interesting.

My Journey

In January 2017, I began my journey to achieve a better life and was able to accomplish more than I dared hope possible just by committing to change, setting specific goals, tracking my progress, and celebrating my successes.

Since then, I have already paid down over $40,000 in debt, done some serious soul-searching about what I want out of a career in the second half of my life and lost more than 30 pounds.  You can learn more about all this in my first three posts:

When I am not working on my blog (or at my full-time job or on the side hustle I started in November 2015), I spend time with my amazing circle of friends, talking to my sister and her family, or hanging out with my goofball cat Fionnlagh (he is snoozing in his window seat in the picture right).

More Stuff You Don’t Know About Me

  • I played bagpipes in my high school marching band.
  • After finishing law school in 2011—my second post-graduate degree—I swore off formal education.  It has been a surprisingly freeing declaration to a school junkie, and led to me being able to dive into subjects that interest me simply because they interest me.  I highly recommend adopting it!
  • I hate onions.
  • I am not a fan of odd numbers (except—strangely enough—for 13 which is my birth-date).  When I go to close out of my email, I will do my best to have an even number of emails in my inbox and sent box.  It is a quirk that tends to help me keep these folders cleaned up so I have embraced it, even though it is undeniably kooky.
  • I sadly have lost several family members at young ages.  When I was 15 my father died unexpectedly of an aortic aneurysm.  Eleven years later, when I was 26, my mother died from a rare autoimmune disease.  Finally, when I was 39, my older brother committed suicide (you can learn more about how his death affected my life here: I Hate Birthdays—But Not Because They Mean I am a Year Older).  These deaths don’t define me—or at least I don’t want them to define me—but they are a part of me and affect my perspective on life, especially when it comes to money.

Thank you for sharing my journey!

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